diners in ManchesterThere are few American institutions that are as iconic or inspire as much nostalgia as the American Diner. Though the first diners were named so as they generally used old train dining cars to construct their small but welcoming restaurants within, the term now represents the type of establishment and the food they serve rather than their use of train cars. Most diners do still incorporate the expected counter, stools and open food prep area however, creating the friendly, casual atmosphere that diners have always been known for.

Though many enjoy the friendly ambiance of an American diner, the lure for many is the food. Often servicing all day breakfast, diners are also known for the comforting American classics. You’re more likely to find a large, varied menu at a diner than anywhere else. With no-frills cooking that delights the taste buds and fills the belly, a diner is sure to offer every one in your party something from their favorite foods list.

For more than 100 years, diners have been a part of the American landscape and have helped to shape our culture with their great menus, friendly staff and iconic decor. Keep the tradition alive by visiting your favorite diner in Manchester today.