manchesters favorite local restaurant One of the most popular appetizers we have on our menu at Murphy’s Diner is our chicken wings. Born not too far away in Buffalo, York, the Buffalo Wing, remains the choice for game-watching sports fans, guys-night-out attendees and family members of all ages. We’ve been serving our chicken wings since we opened in 2012 and they remain a favorite among of our customers here and at Murphy’s Taproom both. Here are just a few tidbits about chicken wings we’re betting you didn’t know:

  • They don’t call them Buffalo wings in Buffalo. They’re just wings there.
  • Americans eat about 13.5 billion chicken wings every year in the US from restaurants and grocery stores both.
  • We eat about 1.25 billion of those on Super Bowl Sunday alone.
  • The amount of chicken wings we eat on that one Super Holiday could circle the earth twice if laid end to end.
  • A woman holds the world record for the most chicken wings eaten in just one sitting. Molly Schuyler downed 363 wings in just 30 minutes.
  • The average amount of chicken wings eaten by Americans at one sitting is about 12.
  • Get ready, National Chicken Wing day is just around the corner. Join us July 29th to celebrate with your own plate.

Regardless of your choice of flavor, chicken wings at Murphy’s are always served hot and delicious. Accompany yours with a cold beer and good company. You’re always welcome at Manchester’s favorite local restaurant for wings and more.