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July 2016

Happy Culinarians Day to You!


We'll Be Celebrating at our Manchester Diner Next Week You don't have to be a world-renowned chef or a student of a culinary institute, or even a fry cook at a neighborhood diner to celebrate this annual holiday. Just being a lover of good food, maybe even a skilled home cook is quite enough to [...]

Happy Culinarians Day to You!2018-09-12T11:32:58-05:00

May 2016

No Need to Waffle Here. We’re Crazy about Waffles


Standing heads and tails above other breakfast delights (literally, they are thicker than either pancakes or french toast), Belgian waffles garner a certain following for whom other breakfast delights pale in comparison. And, let's face it, we're not surprised... and neither are you. With their perfectly crispy, warm grids housing the fluffy soft interior of [...]

No Need to Waffle Here. We’re Crazy about Waffles2018-09-12T11:33:34-05:00

A Short but Sweet History of the American Diner


There are few American institutions that are as iconic or inspire as much nostalgia as the American Diner. Though the first diners were named so as they generally used old train dining cars to construct their small but welcoming restaurants within, the term now represents the type of establishment and the food they serve rather than their [...]

A Short but Sweet History of the American Diner2018-09-12T11:33:59-05:00

April 2016

Life’s too Short to Skip Dessert


We believe that every day should have its sweet side. Being in the restaurant industry, we support that belief with dessert. There's even a part of us that doesn't trust those that claim to "not like" dessert. Seriously? What's there not to like? Dessert is the perfect way to top off a nice afternoon or [...]

Life’s too Short to Skip Dessert2018-09-12T11:34:14-05:00



Come on. You know it’s true. You don’t really need a reason to eat pizza. You don’t really even have to be hungry. Its pizza. And if you’re like some of us. It’s the real reason cheese was invented; or why tomatoes even exist. Look, you can scoff all you want, but we are not [...]


March 2016

Fresh Food and Fresh Food Only


So we recently found out that not only is today National Meatball Day (yeessssss) today but March is also National Frozen Food Month. Which prompted us to ask the age-old question, WWWWWWHHHHHYYYYYY??? Why in the world would there be an entire 31-day period to celebrate what we do our best to avoid at all costs? A day [...]

Fresh Food and Fresh Food Only2018-09-12T11:35:29-05:00

In Celebration of National Pancake Day


C'mon admit it. We promise to not tell your personal trainer. But you do - you love pancakes. Hey, no judgement here. We get it. Pancakes are the edible version of grandma's hugs: difficult to resist, great after a long night out. We jest, but we're not alone in our obsession with the flapjack. Pancakes remain [...]

In Celebration of National Pancake Day2018-09-12T11:36:10-05:00

January 2016

Why in the World Would You Fry a Pickle?


Being located in Manchester, New Hampshire and not seated somewhere in the deep south, we often hear surprise, and a tinge of disgust, when our first-time customers exclaim "Fried pickles?! Who would ever want to eat a fried pickle?" Where we once stood where these incredulous diners find themselves, we were quickly converted to believers [...]

Why in the World Would You Fry a Pickle?2018-09-12T11:36:32-05:00

Why is it Called French Toast?


If you don't think grammar or punctuation is important, consider the widely popular breakfast item that we know as french toast. Where many still believe, in the face of contradicting evidence, that french toast is a culinary invention of the actual French people, the breakfast delight actually enjoys a somewhat international history which happens to [...]

Why is it Called French Toast?2018-09-12T11:36:52-05:00

A Brief History of Diners


At Murphy’s Diner, we’ve established ourselves as one of the best breakfast restaurants in Manchester. One of the main reasons for that is our respect for tradition, particularly the American tradition of diners. Diners have been around for a while. In fact, it’s thought that the first diner was established in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1872. [...]

A Brief History of Diners2018-09-12T11:37:36-05:00