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January 2016

Why are Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Foods?


At Murphy’s Diner, we know a little something about breakfast. We have to, as one of the premiere breakfast restaurants in Manchester. Every day we’re open, without fail, someone orders bacon and eggs. Old, young, men, women, it always happens. It got us to thinking, why are those particular foods associated with breakfast so strongly? In [...]

Why are Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Foods?2018-09-12T11:37:50-05:00

November 2015

The Evolution of the American Breakfast


We've all heard the age-old adage about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Though for many of us, breakfast usually means a quick bowl of oatmeal or a cup of yogurt gulped down at our desk. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules, we often approach the first meal of the day as a [...]

The Evolution of the American Breakfast2018-09-12T11:38:03-05:00

October 2015

Why Eating Meals Together Is Still Important Today


Eating together as a family is more important today than in the past because there are more competing distractions, more choices of activities outside the home, and a constant bombardment of information from modern technology. Even when everyone is home, individuals do their own thing. Perhaps the only opportunity of the day to talk with each [...]

Why Eating Meals Together Is Still Important Today2018-09-12T11:38:32-05:00

The American Diner Offers Unruffled Simplicity In Manchester


Upscale and clean, the American diner represents a time before poodle skirts and stainless steel facades, the art deco era. Our family breakfast restaurant in Manchester has quickly become a landmark in downtown, known for consistently good food and friendly, efficient service. Did you know that the word "diner" is a derivative of "dining car" and [...]

The American Diner Offers Unruffled Simplicity In Manchester2018-09-12T11:39:05-05:00

September 2015

Fantastical Facts about Bacon


You may not have been aware of this either but it has come to our attention that earlier this month (September 3rd to be exact) was International Bacon Day. Though we're kicking ourselves for the missed opportunity to indulge in our favorite breakfast meat, it has inspired us to pay homage to the tasty pork [...]

Fantastical Facts about Bacon2018-09-12T11:39:33-05:00

August 2015

Start Your Day With a Delicious, Affordable Breakfast in Manchester


How are you starting your mornings? If you are just gulping down a cup of joe as you race out the door for work, there might be a reason you are grumpy most of the day or feel like you aren't performing your best. Breakfast is about more than filling up your stomach, and the [...]

Start Your Day With a Delicious, Affordable Breakfast in Manchester2018-09-12T11:40:16-05:00

July 2015

Interesting Facts about the Hamburger


The numbers range from 10 billion on the low end to 50 billion on the high but the actual number, whatever it may be, it is still astounding and numbers in the billions. Which makes the hamburger one of the most eaten meals in the United States. Whether, you like yours with pickles and onions [...]

Interesting Facts about the Hamburger2018-09-12T11:40:28-05:00

June 2015

Amazing Facts About Chicken Wings


One of the most popular appetizers we have on our menu at Murphy's Diner is our chicken wings. Born not too far away in Buffalo, York, the Buffalo Wing, remains the choice for game-watching sports fans, guys-night-out attendees and family members of all ages. We've been serving our chicken wings since we opened in 2012 [...]

Amazing Facts About Chicken Wings2018-09-12T11:40:41-05:00

Why You Should be Eating Breakfast for Dinner


If you're like most of the servers and staff here at Murphy's Diner, you don't need all that much of an excuse to eat breakfast for dinner. Let's face it, there's a reason they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and it has nothing to do with nutrition or [...]

Why You Should be Eating Breakfast for Dinner2018-09-12T11:40:59-05:00