restaurants ManchesterCome on. You know it’s true. You don’t really need a reason to eat pizza. You don’t really even have to be hungry. Its pizza. And if you’re like some of us. It’s the real reason cheese was invented; or why tomatoes even exist.

Look, you can scoff all you want, but we are not alone in our devotion to this circular, cheesy, saucy God of Foods. According to some gastronomical experts,  Americans gobble down more than 251 million pounds of pizza every year; where more than 3 billion pizzas are sold. Oh, think we oversold the idea that pizza is the reason for cheese? OK, but it is the main source of where we get our fix of mozzarella cheese – and we eat about 11 pounds of it each year too. That’s 11 pounds for each and every one of us. So, do the math.  

But we’re nobody to judge. Like we said, we’re devoted. As Manchester’s favorite local restaurant, we offer custom and gourmet pizza on our daily menu because we just couldn’t see us serving families without it. After all, kids routinely name pizza as their favorite food and some teenage boys claim to eat some everyday (ok, a wee bit of judgment there).

Seriously though, the next time you and yours gets a hankerin’ for a good ol’ fashioned pizza pie, give Murphy’s Diner on Elm Street a try. With custom-built pizza, made to your specifications, we can feed your devotion any day of the week. Or try one of our signature pizzas. They rival the best in town.

Regardless of your drool-inducing choice, our staff is exceedingly proud of our pizza, which is available for both lunch and dinner, and at our taproom during food service hours. Because….pizza. And beer. And beer and pizza.