We’ll Be Celebrating at our Manchester Diner Next Week

American Diner ManchesterYou don’t have to be a world-renowned chef or a student of a culinary institute, or even a fry cook at a neighborhood diner to celebrate this annual holiday. Just being a lover of good food, maybe even a skilled home cook is quite enough to take part. Though it’s one of the lesser-recognized, little-known holidays, we hope to grow Culinarians day in popularity, as hardly a culinarian exists that isn’t appreciated by those they’ve served. Therefore, when July 25th rolls around next week, don’t be shy in telling the cooks and chefs at Murphy’s Happy Culinarians Day, wishing them the best.

Of course, the best way to celebrate would be to get in here and enjoy your favorite dish, whether that’s our Southern Love Burger, our fish and chips or any of our other menu staples. Though we kid about culinarians day (our approach to it, not its existence) we take our food very seriously. And it shows. As a Reader’s Pick winner of the Hippo Best of 2015, we have built a reputation for culinary excellence and unparalleled customer care. Always served by the friendliest, most productive wait staff in Manchester, our food offers delectable, flavorful delights that are sure to create an impression, bringing you back to our tables again and again.

So grab a balloon, a party hat and a friend or two and come on down and celebrate Culinarians Day with those who are as passionate about food as you are. We’ve got the napkins on stand-by.

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