C’mon admit it. We promise to not tell your personal trainer. But you do – you love pancakes.

Hey, no judgement here. We get it. Pancakes are the edible version of grandma’s hugs: difficult to resist, great after a long night out.

We jest, but we’re not alone in our obsession with the flapjack. Pancakes remain one of the most popular breakfast choices in America even through years of carb-cutting nutritionists warning us to abstain from the syrup-laden goodness. And as one of Manchester’s most popular breakfast restaurants, we look forward to this day every year as March 8th is National Pancake Day and we can revel in all the buttery, soft warmth of the perfect golden disc of love. As fans of the pancake, we’ve compiled a few fun facts that we bet you didn’t know. Here ya go:

  1. The first pancakes were enjoyed by the Romans of first century AD.
  2. You can’t win the Guinness World Record for eating pancakes. They don’t have a category.
  3. It will take you two hours of steady walking to burn off those two pancakes with butter and syrup you had this morning.
  4. Mrs. Butterworth’s first name is Joy.
  5. McDonald’s bottom line was bolstered by the launch of their McGriddles sandwich by an increase in sales of 11%.
  6. International Pancake day, called Shrove Tuesday is held every February 17th.
  7. Lubbock, Texas holds the title of “Pancake Capital of the World”. Because… Texas.
  8. IHOP alone serves more than 700 million pancakes every year.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about pancakes, we invite you to come join us for all day breakfast at our American Diner in Manchester. Hope to see you there. And oh, bring Grandma.