Standing heads and tails above other breakfast delights (literally, they are thicker than either pancakes or french toast), Belgian waffles garner a certain following for whom other breakfast delights pale in comparison. And, let’s face it, we’re not surprised… and neither are you. With their perfectly crispy, warm grids housing the fluffy soft interior of cooked dough, Belgian waffles are the choice for many who want to delight in comfort food any time of day. Unlike pancakes or french toast, waffles can be dolled up to be either sweet or savory. Providing the foundation for a variety of toppings, waffles lend themselves quite comfortably to rich pools of maple syrup and butter, juicy strawberries and whipped cream or… just as easily, bacon and cheddar. And don’t even get us started on the gastronomical delight that is chicken and waffles.

Where many people would believe that all fluffy, inch-thick baked waffles are of Belgian origin, there are actually several regional versions that exist. Adjusted for availability of ingredients and local tastes, popular waffle types include Belgian, Scandinavian, Liege, American, Dutch and Hong Kong waffles.

Discover the comforting delight of the waffle the next time you visit us at Murphy’s Diner on Elm St in Manchester. We are famous for our all day breakfast and have several tasty varieties of waffles.